What are you listening to today? #nowplaying

ipodHere are the last 10 songs I listened to, in order, on my iPod in shuffle mode. No editing, no skipping. It is what it is.

1. Oliver’s Army–Elvis Costello

2. Lord Of The Thighs–Aerosmith

3. The Greeks Don’t Want No Freaks–Eagles

4. Mean Disposition–The Rolling Stones

5. Fascination–David Bowie

6. Man On The Corner–Genesis

7. Birds–Elton John

8. Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours–Peter Frampton

9. What Do We Do Now–John Hiatt

10. Something Happened On The Way To Heaven–Phil Collins


The Sunday morning “Get in the car, get out of the car” Shuffle Report


The Shuffle Report: 10 songs I listened to, in order, on my iPod in shuffle mode at a given point in time. No editing, no skipping. It is what it is.

Sunday morning and time for running errands. The title above says it all. Get in the car, drive somewhere, get out of the car, then get back in the car. Repeat ad nauseum. And thus goeth my Sunday morning. I had time to listen to more than 10 songs on the iPod, but these were the first 10 that came up and they seemed to just fit. Don’t know why.

1. Cinema Song–Blue Rodeo (The Days In Between) [Not one of their most memorable albums, but it still has a few choice cuts.]
2. Down To Zero–Joan Armatrading (25th Anniversary Classics) [A classic from one of my favourite singer-songwriters.]
3. Making It Work–Doug & The Slugs (Slugcology 101) [A great party band.]
4. Some Unholy War–Amy Winehouse (Back To Black) [Will she remain a two-album wonder?]
5. Stir It Up–Bob Marley (Legend) [The first compact disc I ever bought. You thought it would be a Springsteen disc, right?]
6. Rudie Can’t Fail–The Clash (London Calling) [A must own.]
7. Bozo Weirdo Wacko Creep–David Baerwald (Here Comes The New Folk Underground) [Another of my favourite singer-songwriters. Highly underrated.]
8. Call Me (Come Back Home)–Al Green (Greatest Hits) [Timeless soul.]
9. Witchy Woman–The Eagles (Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975) [One of the first 45’s I ever owned.]
10. I Need More Love–Robert Randolph & The Family Band (Unclassified) [He makes the pedal steel guitar just howl.]

The “Ugh. It’s Monday. Glad it’s over.” Shuffle Report


The Shuffle Report: 10 songs I listened to, in order, on my iPod in shuffle mode at a given point in time. No editing, no skipping. It is what it is.

Seriously, does anyone like Mondays? Today was one of those days where I should have just stayed in bed. Stayed late at work, too. The usually mundane subway ride couldn’t come soon enough. Always thankful to have the tunes along with me.

1. Rita–Los Lobos (The Ride) [Great track. Great album.]
2. I’m The Face–The High Numbers (Quadrophenia soundtrack) [Fun track by a quartet soon to change their name to The Who.]
3. King of Hollywood–The Eagles (The Long Run) [One of the better tracks on this album, IMHO.]
4. Tomorrow Never Knows–Bruce Springsteen (Working On A Dream) [Can’t believe the tour is over. Bring on the DVD.]
5. Sowing The Seeds of Love–Tears For Fears (The Best Of) [The only album any casual fan needs.]
6. Imagination (Is a Powerful Deceiver)–Elvis Costello (My Aim Is True–Bonus Disc) [What a classic.]
7. John Brown’s Body–Oscar Peterson w/Milt Jackson (Very Tall) [An excellent pairing of two jazz giants.]
8. 905—The Who (Who Are You) [Decent John Entwistle-penned tuned from the last record with Keith Moon.]

**I know these lists are usually 10 songs long, but only had time for 8 on the way home. 🙂

The “I’m taking tomorrow off–woo hoo!” shuffle report


The Shuffle Report: 10 songs I listened to, in order, on my iPod in shuffle mode at a given point in time. No editing, no skipping. It is what it is.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Nothing like the thoughts of a four-day weekend to put a spring in my step. Do you have any plans for the long weekend?

Here’s what I listedned to on the way into work this morning, while thoughts of sleeping in tomorrow swirled in my head. 🙂

1. The Boy In The Bubble–Paul Simon (Graceland) [“These are the days of miracle and wonder. This is the long distance call.” Great lyrics.]

2. The Long Run–The Eagles (The Long Run) [From 1979, the last time The Eagles were relevant. Still like the old tunes though.]

3. None of Us Are Free–Solomon Burke (Don’t Give Up On Me) [Like soul music? I mean, soooooooul music? Get this album. You won’t be disappointed.]

4. Bad Karma–Warren Zevon (Sentimental Hygiene) [A great album, with Zevon backed by R.E.M. plus a variety of cameos. If you only know Zevon from songs like Werewolves of London, this one’s worth picking up.]

5. Johnny 99–Bruce Springsteen (Nebraska) [While I love the stark version off of Nebraska, the full-band version in the attached clip really kicks-ass.]

6. Get It Right The First Time–Billy Joel (The Stranger) [Great cut from a classic pop album.]

7. Big League –Tom Cochrane & Red Rider (The Symphony Sessions) [A Canadian song about hockey. All that’s missing is a large double-double.]

8. Rainin’ In My Heart–Slim Harpo (Rainin’ In My Heart) [Excellent Louisiana blues.]

9. Get Me Outta Here–Jet (Get Born) [Some gritty rock ‘n’ roll from Down Under.]

10. Star Star–The Rolling Stones (Goats Head Soup) [A nasty little ditty. Love it.]

Wal-Mart, Rock City

Kiss new cd

After months of teasing their fans about a new cd coming down the pipe, Kiss have finally announced that their new disc, titled “Sonic Boom”, will be released on October 6th. Looking to move as much product as they can, the band has also announced (following such acts like The Eagles and AC/DC) that the new disc will be released only through Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club in the States and Canada.

Produced by Paul Stanley, the CD features 11 new tracks (their first disc of new material since 1998) and will actually be part of a three-disc set that also features a completely re-recorded greatest hits CD as well as a six-song live DVD shot in Argentina during the band’s recent “Kiss Alive 35” tour.

The greatest hits cd is very likely the same one that was released last year in Japan that is just now seeing its’ official North American release. Other than to make a buck (Gene Simmons’ only reason for living), I never understood the point of the release. It’s not that the new versions are bad, and from a curiousity standpoint, it is the first time you can hear the current lineup in the studio. It’s just that the new versions don’t offer up anything earth-shattering. I can’t see anyone other than die-hard fans wanting to buy this disc on its’ own. Check out the re-recorded “Shout It Out Loud” and “RnR All Nite” and see what you think. Personally, I prefer the original (and original line-up) versions. With respect to the new material, you can hear a snippet of the opening track, “Modern Day Delilah” when you open up their website. On first blush, it sounds promising, and it will probably transfer well to a live setting.

And speaking of a live setting, stay tuned for the tour announcement, which should be soon considering it’s scheduled to start around the same time that “Sonic Boom” is released. Unlike the recent Alive 35 tour, the new tour will supposedly feature a new stage, costumes, and more. Expect multiple Canadian dates.

In the meantime, below is a clip of the band on their recent mini-Canadian Alive 35 tour in Sarnia, Ontario. Don’t laugh. The annual Sarnia Bayfest has attracted major acts like Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Aerosmith, Def Leppard and Keith Urban.

The “Arrrggh! I had to take the car today and am stuck in rush hour traffic” shuffle report


Had a late afternoon appointment that required taking the car to work today which meant a long drive in rush hour traffic. At least I had the tunes.

1. Neither One of Us–Gladys Knight & The Pips (Greatest Hits)
2. You’re Kind–Paul Simon (Still Crazy After All These Years)
3. Mr. Jones–Talking Heads (Naked)
4. Wheels of Fortune–The Doobie Brothers (The Very Best Of) [Love the Doobs in the summertime]
5. Loose Ends–Bruce Springsteen (Tracks)
6. Best of My Love–The Eagles (The Very Best Of)
7. Peace On Earth–U2 (All That You Can’t Leave Behind)
8. Detroit Breakdown–The J. Geils Band (Anthology) [Awesome live act. Here’s hoping they tour again.]
9. Rocket–Def Leppard (Rock Of Ages) [Hair band alert!]
10. Think It Over–Buddy Holly & The Crickets (From The Original Master Tapes)
11. Think Too Much (a)–Paul Simon (Hearts & Bones)*

*Extra track today, ’cause that’s how many songs I listened to until I reached my destination.

The “Sunday Night Cleaning Up From Dinner Then Folding Laundry” Shuffle Report


Boy do I know how to party it up on a Sunday night or what? Hey, nothing like some good tunes to go along with the ol’ household chores.

1. Little Child–The Beatles (With The Beatles)
2. Noises–Ian Hunter (Shades of Ian Hunter)
3. Doctor My Eyes–Jackson Browne (Jackson Browne)
4. Water or Gasoline–Blackie & The Rodeo Kings (Bark) [Awesome Canadian band. Please check them out.]
5. (The System of) Doctor Tarr and Professor Feather–The Alan Parsons Project (Tales of Mystery & Imagination)
6. King Pleasure Time–Joe Jackson (Rain) [In my opinion, a must for Joe Jackson fans.]
7. Follow Your Daughter Home–The Guess Who (Greatest Hits)
8. Shooting Star–Bad Company (10 From 6) [Classic story of the rise and fall of a rock star.]
9. Goodbye Stranger–Supertramp (Breakfast In America) [Seriously, can you remember another album that got as much radio airplay in the summer of ’79?]
10. On The Border–The Eagles (The Very Best of The Eagles) [Back when The Eagles were still relatively young and hungry, not old and greedy like they are now.]