It’s Friday. How about some tunes?

ipod-classic-accessories-3Here’s what I’ve been listening to in shuffle mode today as the end of the work week approaches. Have a great weekend everyone. Hopefully the weather will co-operate wherever you are.

As of the time of this posting, here are the last 15 to come up in the rotation.

1. Only Us–Peter Gabriel

2. Lovers Jamboree–Nick Lowe

3. Business Time–Flight of The Conchords

4. Roll Away The Stone–Leon Russell

5. On Green Dolphin Street–Oscar Peterson Trio with Milt Jackson

6. Always On The Run–Lenny Kravitz

7. The Real Feeling–Ace

8. None But The Brave–Bruce Springsteen

9. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window–Joe Cocker

10. Memphis–Chuck Berry

11. Golden Sorrows–Blackie & The Rodeo Kings

12. Johnny Guitar–Pearl Jam

13. Lincoln Town–John Hiatt

14. Synchronicity I–The Police

15. Hey Bartender–The Blues Brothers


Marvin Gaye biopic: Lenny Kravitz is out; Jesse L. Martin is in

marvinSexual Healing, the long-planned biopic on R&B legend Marvin Gaye to be directed by Julien Temple (Absolute Beginners, Glastonbury, numerous music videos) is going through a major casting change. According to Rolling Stone, Rocker Lenny Kravitz had been attached to the project  in the lead role but he has dropped out. Replacing him is Jesse L. Martin, known to tv fans as detective Ed Green on Law & Order and to broadway fans as Tom Collins in Rent. The film is supposed to start shooting in Europe later this month. 

The movie is supposedly focused on the singer’s self-imposed exile in Europe in the 1980s following years of battling drugs, domestic issues and label headaches. It was there that he met  music promoter Freddy Couseart (to be played in the film by Brendan Gleeson) who helped Gaye record what would become his biggest selling album (pictured).

Marvin Gaye died one day short of his 45th birthday on April 1, 1984. He was shot by his father following an argument. 

Help Wanted: Lead singer for classic rock band. Must supply own scarves and tight pants.

Legendary Boston rockers Aerosmith have begun a search for a new lead singer to replace Steven Tyler, but whether it’s just temporary or a permanent vacation for Tyler remains to be seen.

Lead guitarist and Tyler’s partner in crime Joe Perry, who’s currently finishing up a Canadian tour opening for Motley Crue, has stated that a search will begin in earnest in the near future. Perry’s hoping to hit the road with the rest of Aerosmith and a new singer later this year. Tyler entered rehab in December to help treat an addiction to painkillers stemming from a fall from a stage back in August. Since then there have been conflicting reports as to the future of Aerosmith with Tyler as frontman. Joe Perry is now saying he and the rest of the band (whose other members have had various health issues of their own) don’t want to put the band’s future on hold as they gear up for their 40th anniversary next year, and if they need to find a replacement singer then so be it. He’s already spoken with a few candidates but he’s not giving any indication as to who that might include. The show must go on, I guess.

As for a replacement? What about Lenny Kravitz, at least in the short term? Kravitz has toured with Aerosmith in the past, has that seventies vibe going on, and there’s great potential for some live fireworks with a third guitarist in the lineup. Woud rather see someone like him than some unknown. INXS and JD Fortune anyone?

The “I really hope this week goes well” shuffle report


The Shuffle Report: 10 songs I listened to, in order, on my iPod in shuffle mode at a given point in time. No editing, no skipping. It is what it is.

It’s Monday. Here’s hoping the week goes well for everyone. 🙂

Joining me on the subway ride this morning for a little distraction:

1. Taxman—Stevie Ray Vaughan (Greatest Hits) [Great Beatles cover from a phenonmenal bluesman.]

2. It Don’t Hurt—Sheryl Crow (The Globe Sessions) [Really nice tune.]

3. Streets of Philadelphia—Bruce Springsteen (The Essential Bruce Springsteen) [Great song from a great movie.]

4. Code of Silence (Live)—Bruce Springsteen (The Essential Bruce Springsteen) [A killer cut, co-written with the underrated Joe Grushecky].

5. Jesus In A Camper Van—Robbie Willams (The Ego Has Landed) [Throwaway but still fun pop from the Brit whose huge popularity overseas has never quite transferred to North America.]

6. I Love The Rain—Lenny Kravitz (It Is Time For A Love Revolution) [Released in 2008, it was his first decent outing in years. Worth checking out if you like his earlier stuff.]

7. Workin’ Them Angels—Rush (Snakes & Arrows) [You’re in one of two camps: you either love Rush, or you don’t. Ok..I don’t love them, but I do like them. Make that three camps.]

8. The House That Jack Built—Aretha Franklin (30 Greatest Hits) [A must own. Period.]

9. She—Elvis Costello (The Very Best of Elvis Costello) [Originally heard in the film Notting Hill. An interesting side to the former angry young man.]

10. Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough—Michael Jackson (The Jacksons Story) [In my opinion, and it’s just my opinion, this is the greatest single of his career.]

The 4 O’Clock Shuffle Report


Here just for fun are the 10 songs I had listened to on my iPod at around 4:00 p.m. today (in shuffle mode, of course).

1. Reno–Bruce Springsteen (Devils & Dust) (The most R-rated song he’s ever recorded; definitely not for the kiddies)

2. Incident at Neshabur–Santana (Abraxas)

3. I’ve Got To Use My Imagination–Gladys Knight & The Pips (Greatest Hits) (Love them Pips!)

4. Baby’s In Black–The Beatles (Beatles For Sale)

5. Road To Nowhere–Talking Heads (Little Creatures) (Great music video)

6. The Heart of Life–John Mayer (Continuum)

7. I Choose To Sing The Blues–Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes (I Don’t Want To Go Home)

8. Hole In My Life–The Police (Outlandos d’Amour)

9. Is There Any Love In Your Heart–Lenny Kravitz (Are You Gonna Go My Way)

10. I Can’t Stop–Al Green (I Can’t Stop) (How can anyone not like Al Green?)

The Best of Both Worlds

Homer Rocks

So it’s Sunday night, and the weekend’s winding down. I was relaxing, doing a little channel surfing on the ol’ Aquos when I landed on an episode of the Simpsons from 2002 called “How I Spent My Strummer Vacation”. It’s one of my favourites. It’s the episode when Homer goes to a rock and roll fantasy camp. For me, it was the best of both worlds: rock and roll, and tv. (And speaking of the best of both worlds, I have two songs by that title, one by the late, great Robert Palmer from his 1978 album “Double Fun” and the other by Van Halen, or “Van Hagar” if you prefer.  Each great songs in their own right. But I’m getting off topic…)

The Simpsons episode features cameos by Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Lenny Kravitz and Brian Setzer. One of my favourite lines is when Mick, sitting at an adding machine, turns to Keith and says they need to find a cheaper brand of oatmeal for the camp. Priceless.

So this episode got me thinking about music on tv, going back to the days when Muchmusic was just an idea on paper. These were the days of classics like American Bandstand, Soul Train, Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert, and The Midnight Special. Later there was NBC’s Friday Night Videos, Solid Gold and in Toronto there was Toronto Rocks, Citylimits, and the CBC had Good Rockin’ Tonight. I’m sure I’m leaving out some.


One memory that stands out was in 1975 when on an episode of American Bandstand, Dick Clark aired the video for Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. I can still remember thinking how incredibly cool it was. Music videos had of course existed for years before that, but in my opinion I think it was this video in particular that launched the music video generation.

(BTW: I saw Queen live in 1982 and even got to meet drummer Roger Taylor when I was working at a radio station in Montreal. My brush with greatness!)

What are your memories of music on tv? Anything really special stand out?

Bonus Post!  “The Shuffle Report”

To continue on a theme from the last post, here just for fun are the last 10 songs I’ve listened to in shuffle mode on my iPod at the time I wrote today’s post (no editing):

1. I Had A Dream–Ray Charles (The Birth of Soul, Disc 3)

2. Reason To Believe–Bruce Springsteen (Nebraska)

3. Is She Really Going Out With Him?–Joe Jackson (Two Rainy Nights–Live)

4. Take Me To The Pilot–Elton John (Here and There–Live)

5. I Want You (She’s So Heavy)–The Beatles (Abbey Road)

6. No No Song–Ringo Starr (Photograph–The Very Best Of)

7. Strange Days–Matthew Good (In A Coma)

8. Mr. Soul–Buffalo Springfield (Retrospective)

9. Dark Angel–Blue Rodeo (Five Days In July)

10. Here To Stay–Pat Metheny Group (We Live Here)

My Favourite Dance: The iPod Shuffle

Not to sound like a commercial, but our house has always been an Apple house. We’ve gone through several Mac computers, and several iPods. But a couple of years ago, when my wife asked me if I was interested in owning an iPod, I said no. I figured the only way I’d be happy with one was if I could get one with a large enough capacity to hold most if not all of my favourite tunes, and at the time I just didn’t feel like spending the money. I was content to listen to my cd’s (the old fashioned way: one at a time) on the home stereo, the car stereo, my trusty cd Walkman or on the boombox on my desk at work.

Then she surprised me. She bought me a 30gb model for my birthday. Depending on song length, that model can hold up to 7500 songs. I’m not quite there, but not far off. I don’t use it to watch movies as I find it drains the battery quickly and the peaks and valleys of the audio can make it tough to watch on a noisy subway.

Fast forward to today–I never leave home without it. I bought this inexpensive wireless adapter to listen to it in the car and while not perfect, it works way better then some of the more expensive models I bought (and returned) at the Apple store. I also have a great set of speakers that I use at the office.

So do I still listen to my music one album at a time? Hardly ever. I love doin’ the Ipod Shuffle. It’s like Radio Free Dave, all Dave, all the time. My own personal radio station. I love the surprise element. I never know what song is going to come next. Sometimes the mixes are great, sometimes they can be a little jarring. But that’s the fun. As an example, here’s a list of the last 20 songs that I listened to in shuffle mode:
1. Pump It Up–Elvis Costello
2. What Love Can Do–Bruce Springsteen
3. Revolution Rock–The Clash
4. Suffragette City–David Bowie
5. It’s For You–Pat Metheny Group
6. Fantasy–Earth, Wind and Fire
7. Fly Away–Lenny Kravitz
8. I Can See For Miles–The Who
9. Breathe On Me–Ronnie Wood
10. Life On Mars–David Bowie
11. This Time Baby’s Gone For Good–Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes
12. Weather Channel–Sheryl Crow
13. Mystery Kids–Garland Jeffreys
14. The Wrong Thing To Do–Mudcrutch
15. Hey Julie–Fountains of Wayne
16. Darlington County–Bruce Springsteen
17. A Higher Place–Tom Petty
18. Don’t Count Me Out–Charlie
19. Another Nail In My Heart–Squeeze
20. Downstream–Supertramp

Do you own an iPod or similar portable music player? Do you always have it with you? Do you do the Shuffle?