Getting ready for the weekend–what’s on your agenda?

polite-umbrella-1Well so much for an early Spring. Freezing rain, snow, slush…seriously? Last week I saw some folks around my neighbourhood working in their gardens. My first thought was “a little early, don’t you think?”. Well, I’m sure by now they’re regretting their decision. My weekend will probably the usual errands to run, but I’m hoping to maybe take in a movie (42?) and will be heading out Sunday afternoon for some NBA action to see the Raptors take on Brooklyn. As for the Jays…don’t get me started…although I do have tickets for a few upcoming games in May so hopefully by then their fortunes will have turned. And as for my beloved Habs, with a playoff spot clinched, all I have to say to the rest of the Eastern conference is “bring it on!”

And tunes. Let’s not forget some good tunes for the weekend. Have forgone listening to the iPod in shuffle mode lately in favour of  whole albums or groups of songs by the same artist. But for the weekend I thought I’d get back to shuffle mode. So here we go, with a “shuffle songs” reset, are the first 15 songs to come up on the iPod as I head into the weekend:

The Friday 15:

1. A Little Is Enough–Pete Townshend

2. Tequila–Wes Montgomery (BONUS VIDEO:  click here)

3. Wreck This Heart–Bob Seger

4. 100 Days, 100 Nights–Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings

5. Movin’ Out–Billy Joel

6. Time Stand Still–Rush

7. You Don’t Know Me At All–Bettye LaVette

8. Who Do You Love?–Bo Diddley

9. Boom–Flight of The Conchords

10. You Got The Silver–The Rolling Stones

11. Mr. Moonlight–The Beatles

12. It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll–The Rolling Stones

13. Clocks–Coldplay

14. When Your Mind’s Made Up–Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová

15. Three Time Loser–Bonnie Raitt


Happy Sunday. Here’s my playlist from this morning. #whatareyoulisteningto

Hope you like some of these:

1.Lovers’ Eyes–Mumford and Sons

2. Dancing In The Dark–John Legend

3. Us Against The World–Coldplay

4. Sweet Wanomi–Bill Withers

5. Hearts and Bones–Paul Simon

6. One More Night–Blue Rodeo

7. Right Down The Line–Bonnie Raitt

8. The Search–Pat Metheny Group

9. I’m Not Drowning–Steve Winwood

10. The Fever–Bruce Springsteen

All-stars to record R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts” for Haiti relief

Everyone’s favourite alt-rockers have announced that a new version of their hit Everybody Hurts is being recorded in the UK and will be released as a charity single to aid Haiti in its earthquake recovery efforts. The project is being spearheaded by Simon Cowell and among the performers who may be involved are George Michael, Robbie Williams, Paul McCartney, Coldplay, Rod Stewart, Leona Lewis and Michael Buble. The single is expected to be released later this month.

Everybody Hurts was originally released on R.E.M.’s 1992 album Automatic For The People and was a huge hit for the band. That album also featured the hits Drive and Man on The Moon. According to the band’s manager, R.E.M. will not make any royalties on the newly recorded track.

Sidetwo’s Decade Ending List, Part 5: THE TOP 10

Here it is, the final ten from my list of 50 songs from some of my favourite discs of the decade. Enjoy.

10. Things Have Changed–Bob Dylan (Wonder Boys OST)

An ok movie but a great soundtrack, with four Dylan cuts including this brand new one to lead off his fifth decade in the biz. Even today, Dylan shows no signs of slowing down and this song is one of my favourites of his from any decade.

9. Best Of You–Foo Fighters (In Your Honor)

A double-disc affair: Disc one rocks hard like nobody’s business and disc two takes a more mellow, and acoustic, tone. But it works. And there’s not a single dud among the twenty tracks. Best of You is Dave Grohl at his screaming…best.

8. Beautiful Day–U2 (All That You Can’t Leave Behind)

A slightly better album than ….Atomic Bomb, and both are immensely better than the one that followed, No Line On The Horizon. Love how the chorus just explodes on this one.

7. Please Read The Letter–Robert Plant & Alison Krauss (Raising Sand)

Robert Plant’s going to do a country/folk album with Alison Krauss? Yeah, right. Well, colour me converted. The combination is brilliant. And the Grammy people finally got one right. (BTW, the album version is actually two minutes longer than the video below. That’s two more minutes of brilliance.)

6. Comin’ Home–City and Colour (Sometimes)

About as far-removed from Dallas Green’s other day job, Alexisonfire, as you can get. This song is just beautiful. And I love the lyric about Nova Scotia.

5. The Wrestler–Bruce Springsteen (Working On A Dream)

Springsteen won a Golden Globe for this one last year, but was snubbed by Oscar. However, because of the timing of nomination eligibility, it’s now up for a Grammy for “Best Song Written For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media”. If you’ve seen The Wrestler, you know that this song has to win. One of the best songs ever written specifically for a movie. Hopefully the Grammy people will correct Oscar’s mistake.

4. Amerika V. 6.0 (The Best We Can Do)–Steve Earle (Jerusalem)

Right from that powerhouse drum-intro, you know you’re in for some good ol’ seething rock and roll from a guy who’s not afraid to speak his mind. The lyrics in this one speak volumes. “Fourscore and 150 years ago, our forefathers made us equal as long as we can pay.” Great stuff.

3. Sequestered In Memphis–The Hold Steady (Stay Positive)

Ok, I admit it, I had never heard of these guys until I caught a review of their album Stay Positive on CBS’ Sunday Morning, of all places. But let me ask you this: you know how sometimes a song takes a few listens for it grow on you, and then other times it just hits you in the gut the first time you hear it and doesn’t let go? That’s what happened to me with Sequestered. Loved it the first time, loved it a dozen times later, and still love it. A knockout tune.

2. Clocks–Coldplay (A Rush Of Blood To The Head)

I wasn’t that keen on Coldplay when their first album, Parachutes, was released. I mean, the single “Yellow” was just ok in my book. In ’02, when their follow-up was released, the first song I heard was “In My Place”, and I liked it better than “Yellow”, but still just kinda ok. Then I heard “God Put A Smile Upon Your Face”, and I liked that one even more so I bought the album. And then I heard…”Clocks”. Right from the opening note…that was it, I was hooked. Bought the next couple of albums but I think this is still their best track.


1. The Rising–Bruce Springsteen (The Rising)

As I understand it, the story goes something like this: not too long after 9/11 when the wounds were still fresh, Springsteen, who hadn’t released a studio album in seven years, was driving his car in New Jersey when a passerby saw him and yelled out something to the effect of “We need you!”. That was Springsteen’s call to arms, and with 9/11 as a backdrop, he got the band back together and went into the studio and came out with an album in the summer of ’02 that both made you want to cry, and made you want to get up and shout your ass off. That’s what “The Rising” is. A rousing fist-pumper that let everyone know that while America was still hurting, all was not lost. My pick for song of the decade.

Coldplay and Joe Satriani settle their lawsuit


Guitarist Joe Satriani (and now member of supergroup Chickenfoot) and the supposed heirs to the U2 “biggest band in the world” throne Coldplay (yeah, we’ll see) have settled out of court with respect the copyright infringement lawsuit Satriani filed against them.

In his suit, filed at the end of 2008, Satriani claimed that Coldplay had lifted “substantial, original portions” from his 2004 instrumental “If I Could Fly” for use in their hit single “Viva La Vida”. Of course, Coldplay denied the allegations. The group was quoted as saying “If there are any similarities between our two pieces of music, they are entirely coincidental, and just as surprising to us as to him.”

Details of the agreement remain confidential, but apparently Coldplay will not be required to admit to any wrongdoing.

What do you think? Is it purely coincidental, or is Chris Martin a secret Joe Satriani fan? You have to admit, there are some strIking similarities. Below is a comparison, as well as the full-length versions of both cuts.