Happy Birthday to Charles Edward Anderson Berry. But you can call him Chuck.

Chuck Berry

He’s 87 today. And next week he’s playing in Russia, Italy, Finland and Norway. So much for slowing down. BTW–the first album I ever owned? Yep, it was this guy. I wrote about it here.


What are you listening to today?

ipod-classic-accessories-3Beautiful Tuesday afternoon, letting the iPod do it’s thing in shuffle mode.

The last 15:

1. Crawl–Barenaked Ladies

2. Set Me Free (Rosa Lee)–Los Lobos

3. Mary Shut The Garden Door–Donald Fagen

4. Swingtown–Steve Miller Band

5. Moorie–Great Divide

6. Rock and Roll Music–Chuck Berry

7. Easy Lover–Phil Collins & Phil Bailey

8. I Want You (She’s So Heavy)–The Beatles

9. Don’t Let The Darkness In Your Head–Blue Rodeo

10. Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting–Elton John

11. The Boys of Summer–Don Henley

12. One Fine Morning–Lighthouse

13. Your Own Worst Enemy–Bruce Springsteen

14. Home Town–Joe Jackson

15. Trouble–Robert Palmer

It’s Friday. How about some tunes?

ipod-classic-accessories-3Here’s what I’ve been listening to in shuffle mode today as the end of the work week approaches. Have a great weekend everyone. Hopefully the weather will co-operate wherever you are.

As of the time of this posting, here are the last 15 to come up in the rotation.

1. Only Us–Peter Gabriel

2. Lovers Jamboree–Nick Lowe

3. Business Time–Flight of The Conchords

4. Roll Away The Stone–Leon Russell

5. On Green Dolphin Street–Oscar Peterson Trio with Milt Jackson

6. Always On The Run–Lenny Kravitz

7. The Real Feeling–Ace

8. None But The Brave–Bruce Springsteen

9. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window–Joe Cocker

10. Memphis–Chuck Berry

11. Golden Sorrows–Blackie & The Rodeo Kings

12. Johnny Guitar–Pearl Jam

13. Lincoln Town–John Hiatt

14. Synchronicity I–The Police

15. Hey Bartender–The Blues Brothers

It’s Monday. What songs are helping you get the week started on the right foot?

ipodAfter listening to a variety of albums over the weekend, I thought it was time for a shuffle reset on the iPod. So it’s back to square one. Or should I say, number one. Here are the first 15 songs, of all the songs on my iPod, that came up in the rotation. Hopefully there’s something in there you’ll like.

1. Some Kind of Wonderful–Grand Funk Railroad

2. Love Rollercoaster–The Ohio Players

3. River Knows Your Name–John Hiatt

4. My Rival–Steely Dan

5. Waiting For The End of The World–Elvis Costello

6. They Just Can’t Stop It (Games People Play)–The Spinners

7. Hold On, I’m Comin’–Sam & Dave

8. Anyway–Genesis

9. Stupidity–Solomon Burke

10. Radio Nowhere–Bruce Springsteen

11. Little Queenie–Chuck Berry

12. Somebody Knocking–Robert Plant & The Strange Sensation

13. Sour Suite–The Guess Who

14. Maybe That’s Something–Sheryl Crow

15. (I Believe) Our Time Is Gonna Come–REO Speedwagon



What are you listening to today? #nowplaying

ipodHere are the last 10 songs I listened to, in order, on my iPod in shuffle mode. No editing, no skipping. It is what it is.

1. Frosty–Albert Collins

2. Pilgrimage–R.E.M.

3. Jailbreak–AC/DC

4. That Girl–Stevie Wonder

5. Skinny Legs–Lyle Lovett

6. All Around The World–Garland Jeffreys

7. Jailbreak–Thin Lizzy

8. Roll Over Beethoven–Chuck Berry

9. Let It Be–The Beatles

10. The Trouble With Never–Van Halen

What’s the first album you ever owned? Here’s mine.

Chuck BerryMy musical tastes as a wee lad were forged by what I heard on the radio, and by the records my older brothers brought into the house. But at the same time, there were songs that while not exactly rock ‘n’ roll, I was totally hung up on. Songs like Downtown by Petula Clark, and It’s Not Unusual by Tom Jones. Don’t ask me why.

I don’t remember the first 45 I ever owned, but I do remember the first album. It was a Chuck Berry album released on the budget Pickwick label called Johnny B. Goode. My mom bought it for me at, of all places, the neighbourhood grocery store. Upon first listen, I was hooked. I played that album over and over on that little record player I had. It wasn’t until I was older that I learned that the songs on the album weren’t the original versions but actually re-recorded by Chuck Berry when he switched record labels from Chess to Mercury in the 60’s. It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I finally added the original versions of his classics to my collection when I purchased The Chess Box. Highly recommended.

The first album I remember actually picking out for myself was Elton John’s Honky Chateau. Sure it had already been out for about two years by the time I was aware of it, but who cares. I even remember the exact date I got it because it was a such a momentous occasion, I wrote the date on the back of the jacket: December 10, 1974. Elton John has been a favourite of mine ever since.

What was your first album?

The “Sleep. My kingdom for some more sleep.” shuffle report


The Shuffle Report: 10 songs I listened to, in order, on my iPod in shuffle mode at a given point in time. No editing, no skipping. It is what it is.

It was one of those nights. Everyone has one of those nights. You go to bed at a decent hour, manage to fall asleep relatively quickly but alas, a peaceful night’s rest is not to be. For any number of reasons, you find yourself awake in the middle of the night, and as hard as you pray for a quick return to dreamland, the sleep gods just laugh at you. Eventually, you do manage to will yourself back to sleep, but then the alarm goes off an hour later. When that happens, the first word that usually comes to mind starts with ‘f’ and rhymes with truck.

So while I tried to stay awake on the subway ride to work, thinking happy thoughts about that cup of coffee I’m going to grab as soon as I get to the office and trying to focus so I don’t miss my stop (hey, it’s happened), I turned up the volume on the iPod just a little bit louder. Had some good tunes to keep me company:

1. One More Day—Cheap Trick (Rockford) [Highly recommend this latter-day release from the masters of power pop.]
2. Hi Hi Hi—Paul McCartney (Wingspan: Hits and History) [Great rocker from McCartney’s early solo work.]
3. Strong—Robbie Williams (The Ego Has Landed) [The guy is one of the biggest pop stars in the world but not in North America. Have never been able to figure that one out.]
4. Jamie G.—Joe Jackson (Laughter & Lust) [An oft-overlooked album from JJ’s catalogue that contains some decent cuts.]
5. Ray’s Blues—Ray Charles (The Birth of Soul) [Essential compilation of Ray’s career with Atlantic Records.]
6. Paper Thin—John Hiatt (Slow Turning) [Outstanding album from one my favourite artists.]
7. Outskirts—Blue Rodeo (Outskirts) [Have never grown tired of this album, 22 years after its release.]
8. Do You Want To Know A Secret—The Beatles (Please Please Me) [Sing it, George.]
9. It’s Just Talk—Pat Metheny Group (Still Life Talking) [Love Metheny’s work with the PMG.]
10. Run Rudolph Run—Chuck Berry (The Chess Box) [Hey, it’s that time of the year. Forget all the schmaltzy holiday music. Let Uncle Chuck show you how it’s done.]