About Side Two

Dave Spodek, Toronto, ON Canada

When I’m not listening to music, I’m busy juggling a full-time job and family.  I have always been passionate about music and pop culture in general. I enjoy listening to a wide array of musical performers and styles. While there are just too many to list here, some of my favourites include Bruce Springsteen, John Hiatt, Los Lobos, The Who, Stevie Wonder, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Joan Armatrading, Steve Earle, Joe Jackson, Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, and classic ’60s and ’70s soul and r&b. But really, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So much music, so little time…


6 thoughts on “About Side Two

  1. Nice work on your blog.
    Now help me, if you can; what is the real name of the insert used to help 45 rpm records convert to a single spindle hole?
    You show it here, a red one, and I recall seeing them in yellow and black…but I can not remember the official name of them. I know they are called more than 45 rpm adapters…
    Best wishes,

    • I’ve only ever known it as an “adapter” or “insert”. Not sure if there was ever an official name, although at one time they also may have been known as “spiders”. Hope that helps!

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