What I did on my summer vacation: Hello Cleveland!

On my summer vacation, I relaxed. I enjoyed the beautiful weather. And then our clan hit the road for an end-of summer jaunt that included a stop here:

RNR HOF2 006

It was a blast. Saw all sorts of nifty artifacts. I’ve posted some photos below. Scroll away:

Remnants of Otis Redding’s plane


Joey Ramone’s jacket


The coolest pair of sunglasses. Ever.




Chuck Berry

RNR HOF2 007

John Lee Hooker’s guitar

RNR HOF2 003

The sign from Yasgur’s Farm (“By the time we got to Woodstock…”)

RNR HOF2 001

Pete Townshend’s guitar

RNR HOF3 021

I need an outfit like this

RNR HOF3 020

The Supremes

RNR HOF3 019

Michael Jackson

RNR HOF3 018

Allman Brothers

RNR HOF3 014

John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin)

RNR HOF3 013

Janis Joplin’s car

RNR HOF3 012

The Band

RNR HOF3 010

Atlantic Records

RNR HOF3 008


RNR HOF3 007

Jimi Hendrix

RNR HOF3 006

The Beatles’ “In My Life”

RNR HOF3 002

John Lennon’s Sgt. Pepper outfit

RNR HOF3 001

The Who drum head

RNR HOF3 022

John Entwistle bass

RNR HOF4 001

Bruce Springsteen guitar used in the recording of the Devils and Dust album

RNR HOF4 002

Randy Bachman guitar

RNR HOF4 003

RUSH artifacts (finally!)

RNR HOF4 004

Mick  Jagger ’70s stage outfit

RNR HOF4 006

Mick Jagger Steel Wheels-era stage outfit

RNR HOF4 009

Keith Richards’ guitar

RNR HOF4 008

Charlie Watts drum kit (some of it, at least)

RNR HOF4 007

And outside the RNR HOF, there was this tour bus that belonged to Johnny Cash. Very. very cool.

RNR HOF4 010

Picked up a couple of souvenir shirts at the great museum store on the way out. All in all, a great stop on our road trip. Highly recommended.


3 thoughts on “What I did on my summer vacation: Hello Cleveland!

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