Time for One Hit Wonder Wednesday: Ellen Foley’s “What’s A Matter Baby”

album-night-outShe first gained recognition as the vocalist opposite Meatloaf on the 1977 smash “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” from Bat Out Of Hell. But soon Ellen Foley would launch her own solo career, and with the producing help of Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson, she released her debut album, Night Out, in 1979. It wasn’t a huge commercial success, but a couple of the tracks found their way on to FM rock radio, including the fiery “Young Lust“. The album also included a great version of the Stones’ “Stupid Girl“. A couple of other solo albums followed, and by the mid-80s Foley was introduced to a whole new audience when she played Billie Young on the sitcom Night Court. She also made a number of film and broadway appearances throughout the decade.

“What’s A Matter Baby”, a cover of Timi Yuro’s 1962 hit, barely made it into the Billboard Top 100, peaking at no. 92. Still a killer track, though.

Some Ellen Foley trivia: That’s not her in the original music video for Meatloaf’s “Paradise”; it’s singer Karla DeVito, lip-synching to Foley’s album vocals (DeVito also went on to tour with Meatloaf). Also–The Clash were featured on her second album, and she also dated the group’s Mick Jones, who supposedly wrote “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” about Foley.

Night Out is a great album that’s held up over the years. Get it on iTunes.


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